Physical Fitness Is The First Requisite For Happiness. Joseph H. Pilates

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Our Instructors

Sylvia Lewis

Sylvia graduated with a BA in Sport management from Germany in 1996. Her background is in Dance, Aerobics and Tennis.
As an instructor, her style is always evolving and varies based on client’s goals and needs. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping others achieve their goals. Sylvia enjoy’s working with all abilities, ages and goals.
Philosophy: When you work your body without engaging your mind, you are performing only half of workout.

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Mark Stolar

Mark Stolar has over 20 years of experience in fitness, has over decade of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic and is certified Pilates instructor. Mark combines his experience and motivation for learning into his Pilates training. Suffering from back problems as a teenager and having  no real answers Mark set out to study the human body’s form function. After years in the chiropractic field it became clear to Mark that core strengthening was the answer to most back problems… so Mark dedicated himself to Pilates. Mark keeps his classes fun and challenging.
No two of his classes are ever exactly the same which keeps clients physically challenged and mentally engaged.

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Natalie Wittle

Natalie Wittle happened upon her first Pilates class eight years ago after trying several different methods of exercise that never quite stuck, and immediately knew that she had found here “happy place. She attributes Pilates to helping her lose weight and reshape her body after two pregnancies, and to healing here distasis recti, more commonly referred to as abdominal separation. Natalie is passionate about sharing the mental and physical benefits of Pilates, knowing first hand that regular practice keeps one’s whole body and mind in perfect alignment.

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Michelle Anderson

Michelle has an extensive background in cross training with rhythmic gymnastics, contortion, hip-hop dance, pilates, barre method, and weight lifting, enabling her to be a fitness spokeswoman for fitness shows across the world. After competing and being a judge in aerial sports and fitness competitions, she experienced many injuries.  It was then that she discovered a smarter way to train and rehabilitate injuries due to intensive sports through the Pilates Method.
Michelle is fully trained and schooled through Pilates Sports Center.  Other certifications include ACE and AFAA as an aerial dance and flexibility instructor. Michelle is excited to be a part of Boulevard Pilates, and will be bringing her passion and well-rounded knowledge of fitness to helping clients achieve their fitness goals and the many benefits of Pilates.

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